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This guide contains a list of ejournal publishers and databases organized by name.
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The WUSTL Libraries have over 500 resources that include full-text ejournal articles or ebooks.  Use this Guide to browse by name any of those resources, and link to those of interest.  Note that this does not include the ejournals and ebooks themselves - we have over 150,000 of them!  This site has links to ejournal and ebook publishers and databases.  For links to all the Library databases (which include lots of databases that don't include full-text ejournal articles, though many of them link to articles through Get it!) go to Find Database.

This Guide is updated periodically; for absolutely the most current info, see this page.

Examples of sites you'll find in this guide:


Looking for a specific ejournal or ebook?  See the E-Journal and E-Book Holdings page to search by title or ISSN/ISBN, or to browse the ejournals by subject. Note that this search does not include all the ebooks the Libraries make available; many more are available through the Classic Catalog and the Discovery Catalog.