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Assessment Team

A guide to the Washington University Libraries' Assesment Team: its mission, its members, and its activities.

What's New

  • Assessing  the usefulness of reserve video streaming pilot projectUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window)..  (Music Library/Brad Short)


  • MOBIUS Conference 2013- Presentation: Making the Numbers Speak: Creating an Annual Statistical Report for Washington University Libraries (Steph Atkins, Carol Mollman, Kate Sathi and Shannon Showers)  PDF of presentation is attached at the bottom of this box.


  • Poster session and presentation at the Student Services Professional Development Mini-conference on Thursday, May 23rd. in Simon Hall.  Topic:"Innovative Approach to Gauge  Student Perceptions of Library Facilities".  The focus was on how we used flip-charts to gather feedback on new furniture options for Olin Library.  The presentation was followed with a electronic poster session (see below)



  • New book on Assessment from ALA!

The Quality Infrastructure: Measuring, Analyzing and improving Library Services edited by Sarah Anne Murphy.  Includes a chapter highlighting the development of a culture of assessment at Washington University Libraries, contributed by Carol Mollman.


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Featured Project: Service Quality Surveys

 Service Quality Survey 2013

Winner of the i-Pad mini drawing:  Chase McGraff, first year Business School student receiving prize from Jeff Trzeciak, University Librarian 

Every three years the Washington University Libraries administer a formal survey seeking feedback from the Danforth Campus faculty and students on the quality of library services. The 2013 survey ran from October 7-19. 

Overall satisfaction across all users remained generally high, averaging 3.98 out of 5 possible points. As in 2010, undergraduates who took the survey showed slightly higher satisfaction (4.05) followed closely by graduate students at 3.9 median points. Faculty again showed slightly lower satisfaction of 3.84 out of 5. Library targets for overall satisfaction have been benchmarked at 4.00 or better for all users. 

Read more about the findings of the survey in the attached Service Quality Survey 2013 Final Report:

Positive Comments about Library Staff

Comments about library staff were overwhelmingly positive.  The representation above reflects how often particular words were mentiond in these positive comments; the larger the text, the more frequent the term.

Featured Project: Digital Data Management Survey

 Digital Data Management Survey of Faculty

During the Spring semester of 2011 WU Libraries asked faculty to complete a short survey regarding the digital data and/or digital objects that are generated in the course of their research. The survey was aimed at understanding existing digital data practices, as well as possible gaps in support and service.


Assessment Coordinator

Carol Mollman's picture
Carol Mollman
Washington University Libraries

Olin Library

Room 315

1 Brookings Drive

Campus Box 1061

St. Louis, MO 63130

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