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GER 526 The Literary Imagination and the German Bourgeoisie

Research guide to support Germ 526 Seminar in the Literature of the Nineteenth Century: The Literary Imagination and the German Bourgeoisie taught by Lynne Tatlock (Fall 2011)

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Family during the Biedermeier Period (c. 1830)

An "inner" orientation toward the home and family, as opposed to political activism, was the hallmark of bourgeois society in this period, at least until the revolution of 1848/49. Here, individual family roles are clearly defined: the wife attends to the baby, the head of the family gives the son and heir an encouraging pat on the head, and one of the daughters is busy with her knitting. Watercolor by Friedrich Wilhelm Doppelmayr, c. 1830.

Source: German Historical Institute; Original: Nuremberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum.