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Access Granted Video Shorts 2014 Contest

It's almost time!


Participating in the video shorts contest is an opportunity showcase your creativity while exploring Open Access!

To celebrate International Open Access Week, Washington University Libraries are sponsoring this open access video shorts contest .  We hope to link the ideas of open access to more than just scholarly text publishing.


We look forward to seeing what our students create and share this year!


More Open Access  activities can be found at Open Access Events at WU or WU Libraries Upcoming Events.


Welcome! Submissions due by October 19, 2014 Act Quickly!

Want more details? See About the Contest

How to Submit


  1. Subject line: Submission for Access Granted 2014
  2. A description or abstract and the purpose of your video
  3. Your student levelschool or major and graduating year
  4. How/where did you hear about Access Granted 2014 contest?