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East Asia 554 Seminar on East Asian Print Culture and Society: Women in Print

Course guide for Spring 2016 Seminar on East Asian Print Culture and Society: Women in Print.

Tools for Finding Books, Book Chapters, Journal Articles - English

Tools for Finding Books, Book Chapters, Journal Articles - CJK Languages

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Locating Books and Full-text Articles

Particular title: If you know what book you are looking for, follow the steps below to find/request the book.

1. Washington University library Classic Catalog
Start here. Chinese, Japanese and Korean language materials can be searched both by original scripts and by Romanized titles. (See the Romanization tab for Romanization rules used in North American libraries).

2. MOBIUS catalog
If the title you are looking for is not in our collection, try MOBIUS. With MOBIUS you can search and request books and other materials held at other university and public libraries in Missouri. Books usually come in 3-7 days.

3. WorldCat
If no other MOBIUS libraries have the title, you may have a better luck with WorldCat. If other WorldCat-affiliated libraries have the item, you can request an interlibrary loan (ILL) through ILLiad. Books and other physical materials usually arrive in 1-2 weeks. (Follow the Send Request to ILLiad link on the result screen).

If full text of the article is available through the databases, a link to a PDF (or other electronic formats) appears on your search results. If you do not find full-text articles through the databases listed here, follow the steps below to look for print copies or alternate electronic editions. Wash U Libraries's collections may include a print or stand-alone electronic copy of the journal. (Many Japanese journals still come in print format. See also the list of Japanese journals currently received at the East Asian Library).

1. Gather as much information about the article (journal/magazine title, year of publication, volume, number, article title, pages, etc) from the index/databases.

2. Look up the journal/magazine title using the Classic Catalog. (See the Book tab and the Romanization tab for more tips).

3. If you find the journal at Wash U Libraries, follow the location(s) and call number to locate the physical copy (if print), or use the link provided on the Classic Catalog (if available electronically). Older issues of magazines and journals can be requested and/or checked out like regular books. If the journal is not held at Wash U, you can still request journal/magazine articles through Interlibrary Loan. (Sometimes Google Scholar provides free access to full-text articles as well).

North American libraries use standardized sets of Romanization rules to transliterate book titles (and author names) in non-Western languages. Those rules are modified to achieve consistency in library catalogs, so they may be different from the Romanization systems you are familiar with from your language classes and/or from living in China, Taiwan, Japan or Korea. ALA-LC approved Romanization tables are linked below. (Links will take you to Library of Congress documents). 

Tip: When searching on library catalogs (e.g. Classic Catalog, WorldCat), you can ignore macrons and all other diacritic symbols.

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