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East Asia 554 Seminar on East Asian Print Culture and Society: Women in Print

Course guide for Spring 2016 Seminar on East Asian Print Culture and Society: Women in Print.

Online Databases


Both provide access points to magazine article texts and tables of contents included in the 한국근현대잡지자료 (early modern/modern Korean periodicals) database. (Full text available for selected titles - without advertisements and images. Table of contents only for other titles).


  • Harvard-Yenching Library Korean rare book digitization project

Harvard University's Yenching Library digitized rare Korean materials (modern and some premodern, both manuscripts and print books) in partnership with libraries in Korea. Most titles (full-book images) are openly available online.


Japanese Index (Use print books, standalone databases or ILL for text)

[Modern] Index to major to local periodical articles published in Japanese, including those in former Japanese colonies, from 1868 to present. (WUSTL ID required for remote access).


[Premodern] Finding aid for premodern Japanese books (both 写本 and 版本). If the book is held at 国文学研究資料館 (National Institute of Japanese Literature) or made available through NIJL by permissions from the holding library, full-book scan is accessible through (If not available through this database, try searching for a print 影印本 on WorldCat, or try full-text databases listed below).


[Premodern] Index (and some kaidai) of oraimono, Japanese pre-modern textbooks.


[Premodern] Peter Kornicki's website. Includes images and a working bibliography. 


Japanese Full-text

[Modern] Yomiuri Shinbun, from its initial publication in 1874 to date. Includes scanned images of original papers, including advertisements. (WUSTL ID required for remote access).


[Modern] Full-book scan of out of copyright Japanese books, mostly from Meiji.


[Premodern] Full-book scan of premodern Japanese books held at the National Diet Library of Japan.


  • 国文研古典籍データセット (Kokubunken kotenseki deta setto)

[Premodern] Full-book scan of 350 wahon titles published mostly during the Edo period.
(Beta viewer page):




Shen Bao (申報) was the most influential and longest-lasting commercial newspaper of pre-1949 China. The database contains more than 2 million articles, and is full-text searchable and includes the full-image of each page (including advertisements).

Print Materials

Korean (chiefly, with some Japanese)

Reprint. Originally published monthly: Seoul : Chosŏn Ilbosa Chʻulpʻanbu, 1935-1944.


Reprint of a periodical published May 1926-Jan. 1933 by Tonggwang Sa.


Reprints. Originally published by: 京城府 : 開闢社, 1926-1934.


Reprint. Originally published: Kyŏngsŏng-pu : Kaebyŏksa, 1922-1934.


Japanese (modern)



Reprints of a photo-centric newspaper. Originally published semimonthly: 東京市 : 有樂社, 1909-1912.


Originally published monthly: Tōkyō-shi : Dai Nihon Eiga Kyōkai, 1936-1945.


Japanese (pre-modern)

Mostly facsimile of "Onna daigakurui" .