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Library Research Tutorials

An image of a LEGO-brand janitor figurine wearing blue coveralls with a brown push broom.Pardon our dust as we clean up this page!

We are in the process of updating our tutorials to more accurately reflect our current information-retrieval systems and better meet your needs as users of the library.

If you have found something hard to understand about using the library, we would like to know! What tutorials would be most helpful to you? You can share your ideas with us anonymously using our Tutorial Suggestion Box 

New Tutorials - Coming Soon!

We have chosen the following as topics for new tutorials based on the challenges you shared with the library. If you have an idea for a new tutorial, please share your thoughts with us using our anonymous Tutorial Suggestion Box.

Find a Source from the Citation

Find an Article in a General Database

Request an Article with Interlibrary Loan

Find an Article in a Specific Database

Evaluating Sources