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The Harlem Renaissance

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Course: 3765

Instructor: Dr. Erica James

Title: The Art of the Harlem Renaissance: Picturing and Performing the Black Modern Subject


Description: This course examines the modern movement known as the Harlem Renaissance and its profound impact on American culture both then and now. The aim of the class is to imagine or theorize modernity not as singular event or time bound grand narrative but as a relational process consisting of various points of articulation, sometimes positioned outside of mainstream narratives. In the process of engaging the Harlem Renaissance, the class will explore several key ideas and concepts such as the development of black subjectivity, black visual and racial aesthetics, the rise of Diasporic and Pan-African consciousnesses, the re-presentation of race, gender and sexuality, and the process of "Othering" within canonical formation. Prereqs: Intro to Western Art (L01 112) or Intro to Modern Art (L01 211) or permission of instructor.