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New Folks in Biology or Mathematics

An introduction to library collections and services

Off-Campus Access

Most of the databases and ejournals provided by Washington University Libraries are on the Web but are not free. We purchase access to them from companies. Our agreements with them usually limit access to current WU students, faculty, and staff and on-campus visitors. So to show you're affiliated with WU, you'll need to logon to the proxy server with your

  • The first time you access a database or ejournal/ebook fulltext content from off-campus, you'll be prompted for your WUSTL Key
  • You'll only have to logon once during a session; you can go to different ejournals or databases without having to input your WUSTL Key every time

Access Restricted to WUSM & Other Issues

You will find resources which you cannot access on the Danforth Campus or with our library proxy service. In the Becker Library catalog, these resources may be labeled "Access restricted to WU Medical School" or "Access restricted to WUSM faculty, staff and students."  Your access alternatives include:

  • ILL or Mobius requests
  • Use your Becker Proxy account while on Danforth campus (if you have one)
  • Travel to the Medical Campus and use a computer there; metro or gold line bus available
  • For resources from the "Ovid" system, most librarians can personally log you onto a session for temporary access; we can't share the password though. Sorry. Contact Ruth for more info.

If you are working off-campus using Becker Proxy, you may sometimes have a different problem. To use a Danforth campus link with a Becker account, you may need to edit the WU proxy prepend [] off the start of a link URL.  For example: change