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Sociocultural Anthropology

Dictionaries & Encycopedias

Reference Guide to Africa

This second edition of Reference Guide to Africa: A Bibliography of Sources explains and organizes the most important resources concerning the study of Africa and is intended for students, teachers, librarians, and researchers. It contains a general sources section, including indexes, bibliographies, handbooks, guides, directories, electronic sources, and websites, as well as a subject sources section with an annotated overview of sources

 The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology

The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology brings together 35 authors - all specialists in their own fields. This is one of the most comprehensive treatments of the subject and of the key debates ever attempted. It is designed o provide an essential starting point for those who want to pursue particular topics in more depth.

Cambridge encyclopedia of human evolution

Covers a range of subjects from genetics, primatology and fossil origins to human biology and ecology, brain function and behaviour, demography and disease. Emphasis is on the biological diversity of modern people and the fossil and genetic evidence for human evolution.

Dictionary of concepts in physical anthropology

Short articles addressing those concepts typically covered in an introductory class in physical anthropology, with an emphasis on examining all the ways in which a given concept has been used in the discipline. Each entry includes a lengthy list of references

Core Encyclopedias and Dictionaries