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Sociocultural Anthropology

Opeen Access Journals

The Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology  An online, open access, peer-reviewed publication edited by the department of Sociology and Socialwork at the  University of Bucharest.      

 Music and Anthropology: Journal of Meditteranean Music M&A serves as a forum for studies which approach music as an essentially human and social expression. The journal is interdisciplinary and welcomes dialogue not only among the different fields of musical scholarship and the domains of social scientific scholarship, such as cultural and social anthropology, but also between music and psychology, folklore, feminist and gender studies and so forth.

Ecological and Environmental Anthropology An online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published at the University of Georgia. EEA provides a forum for the exploration of the complex, dynamic, and multifaceted relationships between humans and their social and physical environments. We hope to provide fertile ground for the integration of the various subfields of anthropology and foster interdisciplinary dialog among academics within anthropology, scholars in other social and natural science fields, and non-academic professionals in all fields engaged in the study of human-environment relationships.

Open Access Anthropology Journals Here is a selection of Open Access journals in anthropology and related fields. Journals with restricted access will not be listed.



Directory of Open Access Journals - Social Sciences

To view a comprehensive list of OA journals by subject area within the Social Sciences follow this link to the  Directory of Open Access Journals. DOAJ is a resource that collects peer-reviewed, open access journals from around the world. 

Social Science Research Network

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a worldwide collaborative dedicated to social science research and committed to Open Access.

Social Sciences Open Acess Repository

The Social Science Open Access Repository is a digital repository which accepts quality controlled texts.  SSOAR largley collects qualitative research, but relevant quantitative research as well.