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A guide on how to find and use ebooks in your research including instructions on EBL and other ebook platforms. How to find a variety of ebooks and how to read them on your computer and/or download them to an ereading device.
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FAQs about ebooks at WUSTL

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  • What are ebooks? ebooks are electronic versions of print books. 
  • Does the Library have ebooks? WUSTL Libraries has thousands of ebooks covering a variety of fields and topics. 
  • How do I find the Library's ebooks? ebook titles can be searched in both the Classic and Discovery Catalogs and will link to either the individual ebook title or the online database which contains the ebook.  We subcribe to many databases which contain ebook collections and own several online ebook collections. ebooks can be searched in these individual online databases as well.
  • Do I need to set-up an account? Some of our ebook collections may require a user to establish an account, but there are no charges for these materials. 
  • Why can't I read the ebook, it says "in use." Due to our licensing agreements with publishers, some ebooks in our collections are limited to one user at a time. If you need more assistance with an ebook, please Ask Us.
  • Can I download ebooks from a WUSTL collection to my ereader? No, most of the ebook content from WUSTL Library collections CANNOT be downloaded to an ereader at this time.  This is due to proprietary publisher formats and DRM (digital rights management). Some of the freely available ebooks online can be downloaded to ereaders.
  • Can I check out an ereader? At this time, we do not have ereaders available for check out.
Tips for Finding eBooks

Millions of eBooks are available to WU faculty, students, and staff. The eBooks tab on the library website can be used to find and discover most of these eBooks.

  • Discovery Catalog eBooks  includes eBooks in both WU Classic Catalog and Discovery Catalog. Click on the individual record and then the link "WUSTL full text" or "Connect to this resource online"
  • For eBooks in public domain (published before 1923), select HathiTrust or Google Books. Millions of full text eBooks are available from both. More info/tips on HathiTrust.


In the WU Classic Catalog Advanced Searching, limit to eBooks by selecting Electronic Resource as the Material Type.

Search in eBook databases in the Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science & Technology

Search some WU ebooks by title, words in title or ISBN


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