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HIST 4885: Medicine, Disease, and Empire

Course guide for History 4885 (Advanced Seminar): Medicine, Disease, and Empire taught by Prof. Christina Ramos

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Conduct a WORD (keyword) search for broad topics. E.g. "medicine" and "colon*" The asterisk (*) is the truncation symbol. This search will bring up all records with the word "medicine" and those words begining with "colon" (e.g. "colony", "colonized" ,"colonies")

Conduct a SUBJECT search to find items on a particular topic, person, or event. Be sure and scroll through list to see how items are further defined. 

Below are some examples.

Other terms to think about using in WORD or SUBJECT searches: imperialism, social medicine, medical care, healthcare, administration, public health, epidemics, missions, missionaries

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