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Gateway Library Instruction Conference 2018

Location and Parking



Campus Map - WUSTL APP download is easiest 

Parking Instructions Here



Sign on by choosing wustl-guest-2.0 in your wireless settings. Limited bandwidth access for guests only that doesn't require a login. Many wustl resources are unavailable using wustl-guest.

Instructions for Connecting

  • Select the wireless network [eduroam] from the list of wireless networks (where available).
  • Enter your institutional id with the after it. For example, if your WUSTL Key is jesmith you would enter for the username.
    • ​***Note---the username above may not be the same as your email address, check with your local IT helpdesk for assistance!** 
  • Enter your password.
  • You may be prompted to accept a certificate, Agree and Accept the certificate, continue, or ignore (it varies based on your device type).
  • ​Contact your local helpdesk if you require additional assistance configuring your wireless device.
Eduroam can be used at any participating organization. A complete list can be found on the eduroam website.