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GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Start here for general GIS questions.


The guide will direct you toward data (on the web and on our servers) as well as connect you with other relevant resources. As you conduct your research, please use these pages to keep up to date on GIS events on campus, new data acquisitions, and library resources for GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are tools to explore spatial questions.

The acronym GIS most commonly refers to Geographic Information Systems, the interconnected hardware, software, users, data, and procedures that together form a system for geospatial analysis.  GIS can be used to study, analyze, and visualize any phenomenon that has a spatial component.  If location plays a role in your research, GIS offers a way to include these spatial features in your analysis.


Aaron Addison

Director, Collaborative Research & Data/GIS

Bill Winston

GIS Analyst 

Jennifer Moore

GIS & Data Projects Manager; Anthropology Librarian 

Mollie Webb

GIS Programmer