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Japan 520: Practicum in Literary Translation


Welcome to the Course Guide for Professor Copeland's Japan 520 Practicum in Literary Translation. Please contact Azusa Tanaka, Japanese Librarian, if you need any research help for the course.

Course Description (from syllabus)

This practicum on literary translation has three interrelated goals: translation as practice, translation as theory, and translation as history.  Students in the class will be asked to translate and “workshop” short selections from Japanese literature.  We will work on the same translations as a class, discussing translation choices and procedure.   In addition, students will be exposed to the vibrant field of translation study, reading about approaches to translation from both a historical, cultural, and theoretical perspective. If available, published translators will be invited to meet with students to discuss their own experiences in the realm of translating.  Each student will be required to select a literary text to translate independently.  Over the last weeks of November students will “workshop” their translations in the class, presenting difficulties and discussing various solutions with other class members.  The final project will include the translation in “publishable” form in addition to an accompanying essay describing the translation process. Requirements:  weekly translation exercises, in class presentations and critiques, and a final project. 

Trouble Shooting

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