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Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print

Information about locating and using research tools containing information about psychological tests.

Why Use Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print?

These two products are the standard tools used to identify commercially available tests that can be used to assess a number of situations.  

Tests in Print provides a comprehensive bibliography of available tests, while Mental Measurements Yearbook provides reviews of tests. 

Not all tests listed in Test in Print will be covered in Mental Measurments Yearbook.  Tests in Print does not include all known tests either.  The publishers intentionally omit research and proprietary instruments.

How do I get a copy of a test?

The WU Libraries do not have copies of the tests listed in Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print. 

When you search the databases, you will find a field for the publisher. Contact the publisher or distributor of the test to order copies.

Other Sources for Locating Tests & Measures