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PMB: Plant and Microbe Biology Supergroup meeting

For Nov. 12 Plant and Microbe Biology Supergroup meeting

For Nov. 12 Plant and Microbe Biology Supergroup meeting

There are many other publishers you might use for Plant and Microbial Biosciences research but I thought these two scholarly societies would be good ones to review and discuss as examples.  Presentation

American Society for Microbiology

American Society of Plant Biologists

ASPB open access does not use a Creative Commons license.

More examples of OA journals

There are MANY other options.  I compiled this list from open access articles published by people in WU Biology Dept. in 2012-2013 plus I added eLife and AoB Plants because they currently have no author fees.

Issues & choices in dissertation submission

This is documented in the Doctoral Dissertation Guide from the WU GSAS but since PMB supergroup meetings are for graduate students, I thought a quick overview might be good.

First, obtain permission for any included material where you do not own the copyright. This includes your own publications if you have published them with traditional copyright transfer to the publisher! Students are sometimes surprised to see this. "Before you submit your dissertation electronically, you must have obtained permissions for any copyrighted work included in it for which you do not hold the sole copyright. This may include your own previously published work, whether or not you are its sole author." [from GSAS Doctoral Dissertation Guide]

These are decisions you make when submitting to Proquest. (When we add  your dissertation to WU Open Scholarship, we honor the decisions you make with Proquest.)

  1. Copyright/Registration your work. "If your dissertation is not itself of monetary value and does not contain information of monetary value, then registering your claim to copyright is not necessary. In order to sue others for monetary damages caused by their infringing your copyright, you must have registered your claim to copyright." If you wish to register, there is a fee.
  2. Open Access vs. "Traditional Publishing." WU students should probably select "Traditional Publishing." If you want open access, you can get that free in WU Open Scholarship, so it is not necessary to pay Proquest extra for Open Access.
  3. Immediate open access or embargo of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or "permanent."  If your career depends on publishing a monograph based in part on your dissertation, ask your prospective publisher, ask respected colleagues or embargo until you know.  Embargo can be changed later by contacting BOTH Proquest Support AND Open Scholarship.
  4. Search engine indexing restriction means users will not be able to search for your dissertation by author, title, or title/abstract word in Proquest Dissertations & Theses, WU Open Scholarship, or internet search engines.  They will only be able to find your dissertation via WU Catalog, browse functions on some sites or if they know the direct URL.