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Practical Skills in Environmental Ecology Research

Library tips for Biology 393/ Environmental Studies 393


I hope this resource guide will be useful.  Please explore the tabs and let me know how to make this better. I welcome your additions and suggestions on each page!  I am also very happy to respond to questions and suggestions via email or telephone.  Sometimes it is best to meet in person and that's easy to arrange also, so let me know how I can help!    Ruth Lewis

Brief course description: This course will provide students with an interest in research in environmental biology and a broad overview of the skills and tools needed for a successful career. Topics covered will include: (1) developing ideas/approaches for research projects, (2) experimental design and analyses, (3) using the primary literature effectively, (4) writing successful small grant and fellowship proposals, (5) writing/reporting results. In addition, students will learn other important field biology skills, including a variety of field methods, as well as coping with rough field conditions. Some Saturday and night-time field trips required. Grading will be based primarily on class participation and take-home assignments.

Course material: How to Do Ecology: A Concise Handbook, 2006; Princeton Guide to Ecology, 2009 (some sections freely available at the publisher's site)

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