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Summer Programs Research Guide

Students enrolled in Summer Programs at Washington University can use this Research Guide for their research projects.

Getting Started

Tips for research:

  1. Consult the content on this page for the best sources for your research as well as to learn how to find and evaluate sources! 
  2. Break down your topic into keywords in order to better search Library Databases and online search engines. 
  3. Consult sources that give you a broad overview of the topic and use this to conduct further research.
  4. Log your research in order to keep track of what, where, and how you searched and found the information you needed. 
  5. Set up Zotero and store your research in one convenient location!

Where to Look for Information

General Databases

Medical/Health Databases

Engineering + Technology

Watch this video to learn about the differences between primary and secondary sources in a variety of academic disciplines. 

Watch this video to learn about how an idea goes from scientific experiment to published article in the library. 

Watch this video to learn how to find a book in the library.

Cite Your Sources

Use these resources to help you cite your sources using MLA citation style. Remember, all information you get from other sources should be cited, this includes pictures, charts, and videos.