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2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This guide provides resources that will help you become better informed about COVID-19.

Scientific literature and developing research

News stories that are currently unfolding present some challenges to academic researchers.  Because the story is emerging, the main sources of information are going to be news stories and, in this case, documents released by public health organizations and governments.  While there are some scholarly articles published recently on COVID-19, you will not likely find books on this topic given the long publication timeline.

Guidance for Novel Coronavirus research

  • Look for magazines, books, and peer-reviewed articles about other disease outbreaks and compare what we currently know about the COVID-19 with those.
  • Look up scientific articles about coronaviruses, or about how the Chinese government handles public health information, for instance. 

Use Google Scholar to find current COVID-19 scholarly articles

Google Scholar is the most likely source for finding the latest scholarly research on the Novel Coronavirus. Currently, COVID-19 and 2019-N-COV are the best keywords to use to find scholarly articles on the novel coronavirus.

Scientific resources

Several scientific publishers and journals have put together collections of articles that are related to the coronavirus:

Research resources