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A Guide to Premodern Japanese Literature

Your companion to navigate from HEIAN to EDO literature.

Nihon dai hyakka zensho

Nihon dai hyakka zensho = Encyclopedia Nipponica 2001: As a resource for one of the most thorough and versatile descriptions regarding anything Japan and Japanese, Nipponica was first published in 1984 with more than 130,000 items and 500,000 indexes available. Although the print versions discontinued after 1994 edition, Web database version on Japan Knowledge continues to be updated monthly.


Kojiruien [dictionary of historical terms] is an encyclopedia made by the Japanese government from 1896 to 1914 to collect and preserve historical institutions, cultures, and customs from the Heian era to the end of Edo, with descriptions of its origins, contents, and transitions. 

Kokushi daijiten

Kokushi daijiten [encyclopedia of Japanese history] One of the leading academic publishers, Yoshikawa Kobunkan, took almost 2 decades to compile all about history in Japan, including adjunct fields such as anthropology, folklore, religion, art, language, literature, and geography. About 7,000 charts and pictures are retrievable through search as well as assisting the understanding of each topic.