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A Guide to Premodern Japanese Literature

Your companion to navigate from HEIAN to EDO literature.

Edo no irasuto jiten kinmō zui (eBook)

Edo no irasuto jiten kinmō zui [illustrated encyclopedia for Edo period] is a reprint of the oldest encyclopedia for natural history in the early Edo period (1666). About 9,500 entries are included with elaborate illustrations.

Nihon koten bungaku daijiten (Print ONLY)

Nihon koten bungaku daijiten [dictionaries for Premodern Japanese Literature] would work as a guide for reading classical literature with ample explanations about authors, characters, works, and social circumstances under which each literature was created. (Print ONLY)

Kuzushiji jiten (Print ONLY)

Kuzushiji jiten [dictionary for cursive words] Almost all original scripts, excluding contemporary reprints, are written in cursive handwritten characters which require training and practices to decipher. These specialized dictionaries are handy for reading original texts by yourself to understand the accurate meanings of each word. (Print ONLY) 

Kadokawa hikkei kogo jiten (Print ONLY)

Kadokawa hikkei kogo jiten [Kadokawa dictionary of Japanese archaism] One of the most comprehensive dictionaries of archaism in Japan covers colloquialisms, slang, and legal/economic terms. Also added items for proper nouns, such as personal and geographical names provide accurate references for researchers. (Print ONLY)

Manʾyōshū jiten (Print ONLY)

Manʾyōshū jiten [dictionary for Manyoshu] provides all necessary information, such as historical terms, authors, and previous classical poetries, to interpret these oldest poetic works in Japan including all critical dissertations by researchers up to this present time. (Print ONLY)

Waka bungaku daijiten (Print ONLY)

Waka bungaku daijiten [Dictionary of WAKA Poetry] explains all about Waka, or Tanka consists of a 31-syllable Japanese poem, from its origin in the ancient era to the 19th century including authors, works and jargons, along with bibliographies and critical dissertations about each work. (Print ONLY)

Genji monogatari jiten (Print ONLY)

Genji monogatari jiten [dictionary for the tale of Genji] provides explanations about relationships between Hikaru Genji and other ladies with descriptions of related historical, political, and social implications in the background. Updated with the results of the latest studies, this book seeks to guide researchers into their new perspectives. (Print ONLY)

Gappon Genji monogatari jiten (No WU Libraries Holds)

Gappon Genji monogatari jiten [combined dictionaries for the tale of Genji] furnish the researchers with fundamental information regarding this magnum opus including 3,000 itemized critical issues to annotate, along with bibliographies, descriptions for characters and their names, and a chronological table for the entire story. (No WU Libraries Holds)