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Locating and Updating Federal Regulations

Updating 5 different ways

Updating your regulations
WestlawNext and LexisNexis may not be current enough. The most current information is available for free and posted by the federal goverment.

Your options:

1.  Select  >CFR homepage on> Browse List of Parts Affected >choose your date   Any changes that are relevant to   your CFR citation will be listed here. This source also notifies you of proposed reg. that could be relevant for your legal issue.

You can also locate the CFR and List of Parts Affected in

2. Update the CFR via Federal Register 2.0 .  Are there any changes or activities to  your CFR  title and part  since the CFR was last updated?

3  Update via a known  RIN  number.  Got to www.federalregister.go v > advance search> enter RINnumber. Are there any recent proposed or final regulations  since the last codification in the most recent Code of Federal Regulations??

4. Via a boolean or known citatoon search in the Federal register database on FDys.

5. Via E-cfr: Go to  FDsys at Select >Code of Federal Regulations >Go to the e-cfr database (on the left) and look up your citation. This information is usually updated within 24 hours and may therefore not be current enough. Note, You cannot cite to this source. 

5.By calling the agency and check for updates.

Try this route:

We like this route:

1.      Find Citation of Statute

2.      Use Parallel Table of Authorities (located on the left sidebar)  to locate relevant regulations in the  Code of Federal Regulations.

3.      Pull up CFR Part  > but before reading it:

4.      Check to see if there are any updates:

        a.      Consult:  CFR List of Parts Affected on 

        c.       Browse by Date: Select > Choose Date Range

        d.      First Date is the date of the most recent CFR publication.  Last Date is today’s date.

        e.       Click on CFR Title and Part to read any updates in Federal Register.

                  The  CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)  is revised annually according to the following schedule:

                                                              i.  Titles 1–16— as of Jan. 1

                                                            ii.   Titles 17–27— as of April 1

                                                          iii.    Titles 28–41— as of July 1

                                                          iv.     Titles 42–50— as of Oct. 1 

If you are receiving to many updates then remember to filter or consider searching for updates via www.federalregister,  or call the agency and ask for help!