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Measuring the impact of legal scholarship through quantitative metrics is getting a push thanks to the interest of US News. This guide seeks to provide guidance in how to find those measures and how to enhance your profile at key sites. 

HeinOnline ScholarCheck

HeinOnline ScholarCheck

HeinOnline provides computer-generated citation counts for legal scholars, and incorporates that information into its ScholarCheck rankings system. US News intends to rely on HeinOnline data to provide faculty scholarly impact indicators for each law school.

Tracking Scholar or Article Citations on HeinOnline

 Searching for a particular author or article provides quick access to citation data:

  1. Go to HeinOnline
  2. Use the Advanced search page to limit the search to the author/creator field (or article title). Please keep in mind alternative spellings or nicknames, and name changes.
  3. Click on the name of the author. 

On this profile page you will see impact factor analytics as well as a list of articles published that are available on Heinonline.

Your HeinOnline Author Profile

The Law Library will create a profile for you if you do not already have one and will keep the information up to date.

More Information

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Citations is a free tool for tracking citations as well as for marketing the impact of your scholarly citations. Google Scholar is a highly visible site for scholarly citation information. 

Finding Google Scholar Citations by Author

  1. Search by author name or article title in the Google Scholar article search, or search by Google Scholar Profile
  2. Click on the author’s name in the article or their Profile

Create Your Google Scholar Profile

  1. Sign into Google
  2. Go to Google Scholar
  3. Click on "My profile"
  4. Fill out the Google Citations Sign Up Form. Be sure to use your email address. 
  5. When asked to select publication groups, select those you see and then use the search bar to search for alternative forms of your name if applicable.

More Information:


ORCID IDs are persistent digital identifies that distinguish each researcher from every other researcher and, it is hoped, will provide for automated linkages between a scholar’s professional activities. ORCID is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to enable transparent and trustworthy connections between researchers, their contributions, and affiliations.

HeinOnline and Google Scholar allow for the inclusion of ORCID IDs in their respective author profiles.

Create Your ORCID Identifier

  1. Register at
  2. Once registered, add your basic professional information and other indentifiers
  3. Add your ORCID Identifier to your HeinOnline author profile (instructions here)
  4. The Law Library will review your publications listing and add any that were not automatically input when you linked to HeinOnline and Google Scholar.