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Preservation Library Resources

A collection of outside resources to learn more about library preservation.


Conservation Resources


Northwest Document Conservation Center: NEDCC Preservation Leaflets

NEDCC’s Preservation Services department provides
free preservation advice to institutions and individuals worldwide. The Center provides
Preservation Leaflets with information on a wide variety of preservation topics and links to additional resources.


American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)

AIC is a national membership organization in the United States dedicated to the preservation of cultural Material. See also: AIC Conservation Wiki


Canadian Conservation Institute: Ten Agents of Deterioration

The CCI developed a framework for the preventative conservation of heritage objects in museum and archive collections. This framework identifies the 10 primary threats.


National Information Standards Organization (NISO): Library Binding

This document gives a detailed and thorough description of the binding process.


Library of Congress: Collections Care

This Library of Congress page provides suggestions for handling and storage of various media types to prevent damage as well as guidelines for binding and repair should damage arise.


Alaska State Library: Conservation Book Repair

This website provides access to the chapter of a training manual on book repair, from the basics to more advanced operations.

Collections Emergencies Resources

Library of Congress: Emergency Preparedness, Response & Recovery

This Library of Congress page provides a list of priorities to keep in mind when disaster strikes.


Western Association for Art Conservation. Salvage at a Glance 


Salvage Operations for Water Damaged Archival Collections: A Second Glance


Minnesota Historical Society Conservation. Salvage Procedures for Wet Items

American Institute for Conservation (AIC): Disaster Response and Recovery

This AIC page provides instructions for how to respond onsite to a disaster, and how the collection should be handled in the ensuing fallout.


Harvard Library: Emergency Response & Emergency Preparedness

These pages provide a number of links to aid in salvage and recovery of various media in differing conditions after a disaster.

Council of State Archivists: CoSA’s Pocket Response Plan

The Pocket Response Plan (PreP) is a concise document for recording essential information needed by staff in case of disaster.