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EALC 3900 Kitchen, Studio, Factory: Making in East Asia

Secondary Sources: Korea

Article title: Science, Food and Health in Chosŏn Korea
Author: Michael J Pettid
Publication: The Routledge History of Food (Routledge, 2019) *A copy is only available thru ILL. 


Title: Korea around 1900: the paintings of Gisan *Now available at WUL.
Author: Han Christina Hee-Yeon
Publication: Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum, 2006
Note: A great compilation to find depictions of Korean artisans


Title: Korean cultural heritage: Volume 1, Fine arts: painting, handicrafts, architecture
Author: Han'guk Kukche Kyoryu Chaedan
Publication: Seoul: Korea Foundation, 1994


Title: Masters of traditional Korean handicrafts
Author:  The Korean Foundation, Edited by Lee Kyong-hee 
PUblication: Seoul: Korea Foundation, 2009


Title: Cookbooks and Female Writers in Late Chosŏn Korea
Author: Ro Sang-Ho

Publication: Seoul Journal of Korean Studies 29, no. 1 (2016): 133–157.


Title: Jewels of the palace: royal recipes from Old Korea 
Author: Han Pong-nyŏ

Publication: Carlsbad, CA: Hollym International Corp., 2017


Title: Recovering the Royal Cuisine in Chosun Dynasty and Its Esthetics 
Author: Hae-Kyung Chung, et al.

Publication: Journal of Ethnic Foods 4 (2017), 242-53


Title: Korean Cuisine: an Illustrated History 
Author: Michael J. Pettid

Publication: London: Reaktion Books, 2008


Title: Hanji Unfurled: One Journey into Korean Papermaking 
Author: Aimee Lee

Publication: Ann Arbor, Mich.: Legacy Press, 2012


Title: Soju: A Global History *A copy is available thru ILL while WUL has ordered one copy
Author: Hyunhee Park

Publication: Cambridge University Press, 2021

Article title: Agricultural Illustrations of 19th Century Korea: ’Imwon Gyeongjeji’(treatises on Management of Forest and Garden) By Seo Yugu
Author: Hyung-Min Chung

Publication: Historia scientiarum: international journal of the History of Science Society of Japan 21, no. 1 (2011), 42-65.


Article title: An Outline of Korean Shipbuilding History
Author: Kim, Zae-Geun.

Korea Journal 29:10 (October 1989): 4-17.

Article title: Korean Tea Bowls (Kōrai Chawan) and Japanese Wabicha: A Story of Acculturation in Premodern Northeast Asia
Author: Nam-Lin Hur

Publication: Korean Studies 39 (2015): 1–22.


Article title: Yŏngjo sidae kisulja Ch’oe Ch’ŏnyak 영조시대 기술자 최천약 *A document delivery is only available thru ILL. 
[Technician Ch’oe Ch’ŏnyak of King Yŏngjo’s period]
Author: An Taehoe 안대회

Publication: Munhŏn kwa haesŏk 37 (2006): 142–67.

Title: Chosŏn chŏn’gi Kyŏnggongjang ŭi kisul t’ongje wa punŏp 조선 전기 경공장의 기술 통제와 분업 *Access available thru DBpia 
[Skill Control and Division of Labor for Capital Artisans in the early Chosŏn period]
Author: Ch’oe Kongho 최공호

Publication: Misulsa Nondan 47 (2018): 115–38.

Title: Karit’ŭl ŭi myŏngch’ing kwa majojang ŭi soim 갈이틀의 명칭과 마조장의 소임 *Access available thru DBpia 
[Naming of the Lathe and the Duty of the Lathe-Turner]
Author: Ch’oe Kongho 최공호
Publication: Misulsa Nondan 43 (2016): 59–83.

Title: Chosŏn ŭi mugi wa kabot 조선의 무기와 갑옷 [Arms and Armor of Chosŏn] *A copy is only available thru ILL. 
Author: Min Sŭnggi 민승기
Publication: Karam Kihoek, 2004, 2019


Title: Chosŏn wangnŭng sŏngmul chogaksa 조선왕릉 석물 조각사 *A copy is only available thru ILL. 
[Stone sculptures in royal tombs of the Chosŏn dynasty]
Author: Kungnip Munhwaje Yŏn’guso 국립문화재연구소

Publication: Taejŏn: Kungnip Munhwaje Yŏn’guso, 2017


Article title: Chosŏn hugi ŭigwe sok yugijang ŭi chejak kisul kwa soyong togu *A document delivery is only available thru ILL. 
[The Brass Worker’s Manufacturing Techniques and Tools in the late Chosŏn Royal Protocol Books]
조선후기 의궤 속 유기장의 제작기술과 소용도구
Author: Kim Chihyŏn 김지현

Publication: Muhyŏng yusan 2 (2017): 239–59.


Article title: Chosŏn sidae ch’ŏlmul chejak changin yŏn’gu 조선시대 철물제작 장인 연구 *Access available thru DBpia 
[Metalworkers in Chosŏn]
Author: Chang Kyŏnghŭi 장경희 

Publication: Chohyŏng tijain yŏn’gu /조형디자인연구 17 (2014): 49–75


Title: Ŭigwe sok Chosŏn ŭi changin 의궤 속 조선의 장인 *A copy is only available thru ILL. 
[Chosŏn Artisans in the Royal Protocol Books]
Author: Chang Kyŏnghŭi 장경희

Publication: Sol Kwahak, 2013


Title: Archaeology and history of Toraijin: human, technological, and cultural flow from the Korean Peninsula to the Japanese Archipelago c. 800 BC-AD 600
Author: Song-nai Rhee, C. Melvin Aikens, Gina L. Barnes
Publication: Oxford: Archaeopress Archaeology, 2021 


Title: Science and technology in Korea: traditional instruments and techniques
Author: Sang-woon Jeon
Publication: Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1974


Title: 한국 의 과학 과 문명 series
Publication:들녘, Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Tŭllyŏk, 2015-