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Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic tool to quickly and easily define and communicate a business idea or concept.

Customer channels

Customer channels

Often channels refer to how a product/service is distributed or where it is sold.  In the BMC, channels refer more broadly to how customers are reached.  So channels encompass how a business raises awareness, the media customers like to use to learn about the product/service, and what distribution channels will offer the product/service.

Consumer oriented

Marketing and advertising databases provide data and insights into how consumers respond to different communication approaches.  Market research databases provide data on existing channels used to deliver consumer oriented goods.

Business to business

Practice oriented books or case studies on marketing and distribution may provide insights. Trade association membership lists, trade shows or industry reports on wholesaling for the relevant section may be useful.

To find trade or professional associations google the keywords that describe the category and limit to site:org  (ex: restaurant trade shows site:org).  Industry reports (ex: IBISWorld) often list relevant trade associations too. The website Trade Show News Network lists top trade shows, but the search function found by scrolling on the right pane is poor.

Search for books in our collection on marketing or any of the many possible distribution channels related to the relevant product or service. Example: Library catalog search for internet marketing.