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CL 115 Global Surveillance Cultures (Fall 2023)

Course Research Guide for the Comparative Literature 115: Global Surveillance Cultures (Fall 2023)

Finding Library Books

1. Search the catalog

Some suggested catalog searches:

Subject = Kafka, Franz
This search retrieves books ABOUT Franz Kafka as they will have the subject listed as "Franz, Kafka..."

Author = Kafka, Franz

This search retrieves books written BY Franz Kafka

Suggested subject searches: Border patrols, Border security, Consumer Profiling, Information services industry, Postcolonialism, Refugees

2. Find book OR request for pick-up

Location in the catalog tells you which campus library has the book

  • Visit that library building, and use the call number to find the right shelf.
  • Click request button in the catalog and staff will find the book and let you know when it can be picked-up

Books from other libraries