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IAS Course: Mapping the Sephardic World (for IAS/JNE 357)

This course guide is aimed at helping you map your projects in this class using GIS.

Session 2-3

We have created attbributes and values. so that we can symbolize our map based on our data values:

  • Gratduated Colors - fills polygons based on values
  • Graduated Symbols - gives symbol sizes base on values
  • Proportional symbols
  • Dot denstiy - gives a dot to represent a set number within the value
  • Charts

The way you choose to symbolize your data is how you tell your story. You can experiment with the different options and decide what works best.

This page talks more about symbolizing data.

Brainstorm: What other information could we add to our maps to add context?

Food for thought:

What makes a map beautiful?

Harvards: Elements of Cartographic Style

Misguided Maps: Your Guide to poor Cartography

How do you want to deliver your map? On the web, on paper, static digital file?

ArcGIS Online Storymap Examples

Import your ArcMap into GoogleEarth

Export your map as an AI and edit it in Illustrator

Consider what data to keep; what message do you want to communicate?

What other context might you add to your map?

Images from Wolheim Memorial 

Revisiting layout - the colors you choose, labeling, fonts, what data you choose to symbolize 

  • Change feature color; add labels; move to layout view; reorient and resize; insert legend, north arrow, title and attribution


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