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MLA International Bibliography & Directory of Periodicals

A guide to searching and using the MLA International Bibilography and the MLA Directory of Periodicals at Washington University in St. Louis

What Is the MLA Directory of Periodicals?

The MLA Directory of Periodicals contains information on over 6,000 journals and book series that fall within the scope of the MLA International Bibliography. This information has been gathered by the MLA staff with the cooperation of MLA bibliographers and the editors represented in the listings. The entries list editorial addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, frequency of publication, descriptions of scope, circulation figures, subscription prices and addresses, advertising information, links to online content, peer review, and submission guidelines. The directory also provides statistics on the number of articles and book reviews published each year, as well as how many are submitted.

What is the difference between the MLA International Bibliography and the Directory of Periodicals?

The Bibliography is a database to search content matter of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, journals, and books on literature, folklore, and language. It is an ideal place to begin researching on a literary topic or a film or theatre topic.  

The Directory of Periodicals is simply a directory of publication information about the journals which are indexed in the Bibliography. The directory has facts such as how many people subscribe to a journal or information on a journal’s peer review process. It is an ideal place to learn about possible journals to submit one’s article to or gathering a list of journals relevant in one’s scholarly interests.