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A Guide to Sociology Resources

Guides to sociology-related resources available through WUSTL Libraries.

Collection Development Policy

Washington University in St. Louis

Collection Development Policy

Library: Olin

Subject: Sociology

Collection: General

Date Revised: June13, 2017

Subject Librarian: Jessica Kleekamp


1. General purpose:

  • Support of research and teaching the Sociology Department.
  • In the 2016-2017 academic year, the faculty grew to include 8 tenured and tenure-tracked sociologists, 3 postdoctoral fellows, and the support of a number of other faculty members with sociological interests from across the university.
  • The research areas of focus include race/ethnicity, gender, the sociology of work and the workplace, immigration, social movements, and economic inequality.
  • The department will initiate a Ph.D. program in the next few years.

2. Subjects excluded:

  • None

3. Overlap with other collections or subjects:

  • African studies
  • American culture studies
  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Communication science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Government documents
  • Political Science
  • Policy Studies
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Social work
  • Urban studies
  • Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

4. Languages included and excluded:

We collect English language materials extensively.  All others are collected only upon request.

5. Geographical limitations:


6. Chronological limits:


7. Retrospective acquisition:

Current material is emphasized, but older material is purchased at the request of faculty and budget adequacy.

8. Types of material collected and excluded:


  • K-12 textbooks
  • Test Preparation Guides
  • Reprints when we own the original
  • Dissertations from other universities (acquired for individuals but not necessarily added to the collection)
  • Newsletters
  • Some graduate/advanced level textbooks are purchased. All faculty and student requests are considered.

9. Other factors to consider:

Works by current and retired faculty are collected.  All rare books belonging to the library are kept in the Department of Special Collections, Olin Library.

  • Monographs:
    • We buy on request from WUSTL community
  • e-Book format purchased over paper, if available; DRM-free preferred
    • In general, eBooks are not duplicated in paper
  • Journals and standing orders: New subscriptions occur as online-only when available with post-cancellation access guarantees and preservation mechanisms. Selection is based on faculty research needs.

10. Subjects and Collecting Levels:

Nothing on approval ships automatically, only if users select it through the Purchase on Request program (POR).

HM(1)-1281 Sociology​

HT51-1595 Communities. Classes. Races 

HV1-9960 Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology