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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Service at Washington University

How Do I Get a DOI?

How do I get a DOI?

This is a free service for Washington University users provided through the Washington University Libraries. Digital objects might include research reports, dissertations, research data, digitized images etc. available on the internet. DOIs assigned through this service will start with 10.7936.

ARK (Archival Resource Key) identifiers are also issued by the WU DOI service, if your project needs those. 

Washington University in St. Louis can only provide DOIs for faculty, staff, students, and researchers affiliated with the university.
Washington University users: Contact Digital Library Program Services at to arrange assignments of DOIs to your digital objects.

This is the information needed to create a DOI: 
• Creator
• Title
• Publication date
• Resource type

Note: When you create DOIs or have DOIs created, you are also agreeing to maintain URLs if they change AND, once created, we do not delete DOIs.

For other DOI providers, visit DataCite -- please note members have different policies on assigning DOIs.