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New York Times - Online Access

New York Times Campus-Wide Access Program

Activate Your Access to The New York Times


On-Campus Directions - How to create a New York Times Account 

  • Use the following link:
  • Search for and click the listing for “Washington University – Saint Louis, MO” 
  • Choose the “On campus click here” option
  • Create account and complete registration fields

Note: If you have trouble creating your account, check that you are on the wustl-encrypted-2.0 wi-fi network


Off-Campus Directions - How to create a New York Times Account 

Note: If you have had an NYT account through WashU in the past, you may not be asked to select a school.


If you are affiliated with the medical school, access to the New York Times is available through Becker Medical Library:


Content Included in the Campus-Wide Access Account

The Campus-Wide Account includes the content of a Basic Digital Access Subscription: Unlimited articles, podcasts, videos, and the NYTimes app (iOS and Android). It does not include access to e-reader editions (e.g., Kindle, Nook, etc.), Wirecutter, New York Times Games or NYT Cooking.

Additional NYT Online Access Methods