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When I'm 64: Transforming Your Future - Research Guide

Interdisciplinary Freshman Seminar

Subject Terms - Elderly

"active adult community"
"adult day care"
"adult daycare"
"advanced directive*"
"age in place"
"ageing in place"
"aging at home"
"aging in place"
"aic"  (assisted and independent living communities)
"american association of retired persons"
"assisted living"
"became old"
"became older"
"becoming older"
"caregiver*" OR "care giver" OR "care givers"
"caregiving" OR "care giving"
"caretaker" OR "caretakers" OR "care taker" OR "care takers"
"caretaking" OR "care taking"
"cognitive*" N3 declin*
"cognitive*" N3 deteriorat*
"cognitive*" N3 impair*
"community dwelling"
"community living"
"continuing care retirement community" (CCRC)
death see the Death box
"delivered meals"
"durable power of attorney"
"elder abuse*"
"encore life course stage"
"falling down"
"fell down"
"getting older"
"grew old"
"grew older"
"group home*"
"grow old"
"growing older"
"healthcare power of attorney"
"healthcare proxy"
"home care services"
"home* for the aged"
"house sharing"
"in-home care"
"independent living"
"Intergenerational shared-site organization*"  [IGSS]
"later life"
"life long housing"
"lifelong housing"
"life-long housing"
"living alone"
"living will*"
"long term care"
"long-term care"
"longterm care"
"meals on wheels"
"medical power of attorney"
"mental*" N3 declin*
"mental*" N3 deteriorat*
"mental*" N3 impair*
"naturally occurring retirement community"
"nursing home*"
"nursing home resident*"
"old age"
"older adult*"
"older people*"
"older person*"
"retirement community"
"senior adult*"
"senior center*"
"senior citizen*"
"senior living community"
"skilled nursing"
"social security"
"surviving spous*"
"third age"

Subject Terms - Ages

"1st grader*"
"baby boom generation*"
"baby boomer*"
"boy scout*"
"college age"
"college aged"
"college student*"
"early adolescence"
"early adulthood"
"early childhood"
elderly see the Elderly box
"elementary school student*"
"elementary schooler*"
"emerging adult*"
"first grader*"
"generation x"
"generation y"
"generation z"
"girl scout*"
"grade school student*"
"grade schooler*"
"grammar schooler*"
"high school student*"
"high schooler*"
"junior high student*"
"junior high schooler*"
"late adolescence"
"late adulthood"
"life course"
"life span"
"middle adolescence"
"middle adulthood"
"middle aged"
"middle childhood"
"middle school student*"
"middle schooler*"
"next generational"
"nursery schooler*"
"primary grade schooler*"
"primary grade student*"
"queer spawn*"
"school aged"
"secondary school student*"
"senior high schooler*"
"senior high student*"
"under five"
"young adult*"
"young child*"
"young men"
"young women"