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There is no I in Research: Scholarship lessons for undergraduates

Identity, Research and Scholarship in the Digital Age

The Ethics and Opportunities

Access to scholarship is often behind a online journal or database subscription paywall or out-of-reach geographically. While there are many reasons to make research/data open access (unrestricted access and use), you should also be sure it's the right decision at the right time. Once it's online, it's very difficult to undo. You'll want to consider all of these questions (and others) before putting material online:

  • Would it benefit others around the world to have access to the research you've done and data you've created?
  • Do you "own" the research? Have you consulted with your co-researchers, your lab, your mentor, principal investigator, faculty advisor? 
  • Should the world have access to that research?
  • Is there anything contained in the work that would jeopardize the privacy of a subject or worse?
  • Does the picture you are posting include compromising behavior of another person? 

Citation Needed

This was an urban legend that was harmful not only in terms of infringing on the photographers copyright, but also in terms of spreading misinformation. The photographer was actually intending to dispel myths and misperseptions; blindly re-sharing without verifying only served to add insult to injury, virally.

Share, or Not to Share