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Please use this guide as a starting point for all Architecture related resources.

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St. Louis Reports and Case Studies


The materials in this collection are reports and case studies about St. Louis, primarily discussions of housing, segregation, public policy, and urban renewal. Because of the limited availability of print copies and the high demand for these publications in courses and for research across Washington University, these materials have been digitized and made freely available online. These publications also help support The Divided City: An Urban Humanities Initiative.

(Photo credit: Washington University in St. Louis, Office of Public Affairs)

Historical Newspapers

Two  local library systems (St. Louis Public Library and St. Louis County Library) have access to For either system, you can live anywhere in the St. Louis metro area in Missouri and get a library card for free.  

The database offers more than 10,000 digitized newspaper titles for large and small communities in the U.S. as well as newspapers in Canada, Australia, Ireland, the British Isles and Panama, from the early 1700s into the early 2000s. Includes the St. Louis Globe Democrat. Date ranges vary by publication.

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