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A Guide to African and African-American Studies

Primary Sources for African American Studies

Primary Sources in Washington University Archive

Find African and African American Studies primary source material in these special collections!

Henry Hampton Collection

The Hampton Collection consists primarily of material collected in connection with the various documentary films made by the late Henry Hampton, a 1961 graduate of Washington University, and his production company Blackside, Inc.

William Miles Collection

Includes all PBS series and other television programs from 1979-1998. Topics include WWI, WWII, blacks in the military, black athletes, history of Harlem, and black cowboys. The Miles Collection consists of all the outtakes, rough cuts, stock footage, interviews, photos, music, and research created during production.

Black Film Promotional Material

 The collection contains ca. 2,700 promotional items including photographic stills, programs, advertising materials, lobby cards, pressbooks, and posters, representing approximately 400 films, ranging in date from 1915 to 1980.

Publications (African and African-American Studies)  

Publications from the 1990s regarding African and African-American Studies.

Urban League of St. Louis Records  

The collection includes material from the 1920s to 1969 including files of Executive Directors, annual reports, and files on various programs of the League.