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A Social Work Research Guide

Social work research guide

Copyright Information for Alumni Subpage

Copyright law provides rights for reproducing and distributing works.  Internet items are copyright protected.  Investigate whether your intended use of an item requires permission.  You do not need permission to use items that were published before 1929.  You do not need permission to use U.S. federal government created items.  Properly cite the resources that you use.  Use of a test/measure without proper copyright permission may result in criminal convictions, fines, and/or retractions.  Here is a good example of one copyright holder's actions: 

Copyright Terminology:
PUBLIC DOMAIN: " longer under copyright protection...Works in the public domain may be used freely without the permission of the former copyright owner." 

CREATIVE COMMONS: You do not need the copyright holder's permission as long as you abide by the license's restrictions.