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A Guide to Earth & Planetary Sciences (EPS)

This guide points to selected resources in the area of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS). Information about Washington University and its libraries is also found here.

Selected Printed Reference Sources

General Reference Resources


Encyclopedia of Geology 


Handbook of Geochemistry (1969) QE515 H35
Handbook of Silicate Rock Analysis (Potts, 1987) REF QE438 P68 1987
Introduction to Geochemistry (Krauskopf, 1995, 3rd ed.) QE515 K7 1995
Origin of the Earth and Moon (Ringwood,1979) QB631 R55
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics (Sheriff, 1991, 3rd ed. REF TN269 S524 1991
The Interior of the Earth (Bott, 1982, 2nd ed.) QE511 B56 1982
International Dictionary of Geophysics (Runcorn, 1967) QC801.9 I5
Introduction to Geophysics (Garland, 1979, 2nd ed.) QE501 G39 1979
Basic Geological Mapping (Barnes, 1995, 3rd ed.) QE36 B33 1995
Cartographic Design and Production (Keats, 1989) GA105.3 K42 1989
Methods in Geological Surveying (Greenley, 1930) QE45 G848 (W.C.)
An Introduction to the Rock Forming Minerals (Deer, et al., 1992, 2nd ed.) QE364 D381 1992
The Encyclopedia of Mineralogy REF QE355 E49 1981
Encyclopedia of Minerals (Roberts, 1974) QE355 R6
Manual of Mineralogy (Klein/Hurlbut, 1993, 21st ed.) QE372 D25 1993
Rock Forming Minerals (Deer, 1962) QE355 R6
Earth and Life Through Time (Stanley, 1989, 2nd ed.) QE28.3 S73 1989
The Encyclopedia of Paleontology (1989) REF QE703 E52
The Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Life (Steel, 1979) QE711.2 E5 1979 4o
Handbook of Paleontological Techniques (1965) QE718 K8
Principles of Paleontology (Raup, 1978, 2nd ed.) QE711.2 R37 1978
Petrology - General
Dictionary of Rocks (Mitchell, 1985) QE423 M58 1985
Laboratory Handbook of Petrographic Techniques (Hutchinson, 1974) QE433 H 87
Petrography: An Introduction to the Study of Rocks in Thin Section (Williams, 1982) QE431 W672 1982
The Study of Rocks in Thin Section (Moorhouse, 1959) QE431 M78
Atlas of Igneous Rocks (Mackenzie, 1982) QE461 M219 1982
Igneous Petrology (Carmichael, 1974) QE461 C37
Igneous Petrology (McBirney, 1993, 2nd ed.) QE461 M46 1993
Atlas of Sedimentary Rocks Under the Microscope (Adams, 1984) QE471 A28 1984
Sedimentary Petrography (Milner, 1962, 4th ed.) QE471 M636
Metamorphic Petrology: Mineralogical, Field, and Tectonic Aspects (Turner, 1981) QE 475 T89 1981
Petrology of the Metamorphic Rocks (Mason, 1978) QE475 A2 M394
Regional Geology
The Encyclopedia of World Regional Geology (1975) REF QE5 F33
The Geology of Continental Margins (Burk, 1974) QE39 B85
Remote Sensing
Introduction to Remote Sensing (Campbell, 1996, 2nd ed.) G70.4 C23 1996
Manual of Photographic Interpretation (1960) TA593 Am34
Manual of Remote Sensing (1983, 2nd ed.) G70.4 M36 1983
Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation (Lillesand, 1994, 3rd ed.) G70.4 L54 1994
Dynamic Stratigraphy: An Introduction to Sedimentation and Stratigraphy (Matthews, 1984, 2nd ed.) QE651 M354 1984
Lexique Stratigraphique International (1956- ) QE7 I5
Phanerozoic Geology of the World (1978- ) QE651 P49
Stratigraphy: An Introduction to Principles (Murby, 1966)

QE651 D6