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A Guide to Biology Resources

Publications from WU Biology Department - 2016

1. Abel JH, Meeker K, Granados-Fuentes D, St John PC, Wang TJ, Bales BB, Doyle FJ 3rd, Herzog ED, Petzold LR. 2016. Functional network inference of the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113(16):4512-7. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers | In the news: Mapping the circuit of our internal clock.

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6. Augustine RC, York SL, Rytz TC, Vierstra RD. 2016. Defining the SUMO System in Maize: SUMOylation Is Up-Regulated During Endosperm Development and Rapidly Induced by Stress. Plant Physiol 171(3):2191-2210. PubMed abstract & free-to-read fulltext.

7. Babbitt SE, Hsu J, Kranz RG. 2016. Molecular Basis Behind Inability of Mitochondrial Holocytochrome c Synthase to Mature Bacterial Cytochromes: Defining a Critical Role for Cytochrome c Alpha Helix-1. J Biol Chem 291(34):17523-34. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

8. Baker CA, Ma L, Casareale CR, Carlson BA. 2016. Behavioral and Single-Neuron Sensitivity to Millisecond Variations in Temporally Patterned Communication Signals. J Neurosci 36(34):8985-9000. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

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11. Bastille-Rousseau G, Potts JR, Yackulic CB, Frair JL, Ellington EH, Blake S. 2016. Flexible characterization of animal movement pattern using net squared displacement and a latent state model. Mov Ecol 4:15. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.

12. Berla BM, Pakrasi HB. 2016. Correction for Berla and Pakrasi, Upregulation of Plasmid Genes during Stationary Phase in Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6803, a Cyanobacterium. Appl Environ Microbiol 2016 Oct 15;82(20):6291. Freely available:

13. Bernardo HL, Albrecht MA, Knight TM. 2016. Increased drought frequency alters the optimal management strategy of an endangered plant. Biological Conservation

14. Blodgett JA, Zhang JK, Yu X, Metcalf WW. 2016. Conserved biosynthetic pathways for phosalacine, bialaphos and newly discovered phosphonic acid natural products. J Antibiot (Tokyo) 69(1):15-25. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

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16. Branham SE, Wright SJ, Reba A, Morrison GD, Linder CR. 2016. Genome-Wide Association Study in Arabidopsis thaliana of Natural Variation in Seed Oil Melting Point: A Widespread Adaptive Trait in Plants. Journal of Heredity 107(3):257-265. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

17. Branham SE, Wright SJ, Reba A, Linder CR. 2016. Genome-Wide Association Study of Arabidopsis thaliana Identifies Determinants of Natural Variation in Seed Oil Composition. J Hered 107(3):248-56. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

18. Bright LJ, Chalker DL. 2016. One genome's junk is another's garbage. Elife 5:e23447. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.

19. Brock DA, Callison WE, Strassmann JE, Queller DC. 2016. Sentinel cells, symbiotic bacteria and toxin resistance in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum. Proc R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 283(1829):20152727. | In the news: Farming amoebae carry around detoxifying food.

20. Brock DA, Jones K, Queller DC, Strassmann JE. 2015. Which phenotypic traits of Dictyostelium discoideum farmers are conferred by their bacterial symbionts? Symbiosis 68(1):39-48.

21. Buckley HL, Case BS, Zimmerman JK, Thompson J, Myers JA, Ellison AM. 2016. Using codispersion analysis to quantify and understand spatial patterns in species-environment relationships. New Phytol 211(2):735-49. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

22. Burgie ES, Zhang J, Vierstra RD. 2016. Crystal Structure of Deinococcus Phytochrome in the Photoactivated State Reveals a Cascade of Structural Rearrangements during Photoconversion. Structure 24(3):448-57. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

23. Burkle LA, Myers JA, Belote RT. 2016. The beta-diversity of species interactions: Untangling the drivers of geographic variation in plant-pollinator diversity and function across scales. Am J Bot 103(1):118-28. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

24. Butman JA, Suga N. 2016. Synaptic mechanisms shaping delay-tuned combination-sensitivity in the auditory thalamus of mustached bats. Hear Res 331:69-82. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

25. Carle CM, Zaher HS, Chalker DL. 2016. A Parallel G Quadruplex-Binding Protein Regulates the Boundaries of DNA Elimination Events of Tetrahymena thermophila. PLoS Genet 12(3):e1005842. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.

26. Carlson BA. 2016. Differences in electrosensory anatomy and social behavior in an area of sympatry between two species of mormyrid electric fishes. J Exp Biol 219(Pt 1):31-43. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

27. Carvalho LJ, Agustini MA, Anderson JV, Vieira EA, de Souza CR, Chen S, Schaal BA, Silva JP. 2016. Natural variation in expression of genes associated with carotenoid biosynthesis and accumulation in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) storage root. BMC Plant Biol 16(1):133. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.

28. Corrales A, Mangan SA, Turner BL, Dalling JW. 2016. An ectomycorrhizal nitrogen economy facilitates monodominance in a neotropical forest. Ecol Lett 19(4):383-92. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

29. Cui Y, Song BK, Li LF, Li YL, Huang Z, Caicedo AL, Jia Y, Olsen KM. 2016. Little White Lies: Pericarp Color Provides Insights into the Origins and Evolution of Southeast Asian Weedy Rice. G3 (Bethesda) 6(12):4105-4114. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.

30. Demko V, Ako E, Perroud PF, Quatrano R, Olsen OA. 2016. The phenotype of the CRINKLY4 deletion mutant of Physcomitrella patens suggests a broad role in developmental regulation in early land plants. Planta 244(1):275-84. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

31. Dinc E, Tian L, Roy LM, Roth R, Goodenough U, Croce R. 2016. LHCSR1 induces a fast and reversible pH-dependent fluorescence quenching in LHCII in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113(27):7673-8. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

32. Douglas TE, Strassmann JE, Queller DC. 2016. Sex ratio and gamete size across eastern North America in Dictyostelium discoideum, a social amoeba with three sexes. J Evol Biol 29(7):1298-306. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers | Data in Dryad.

33. Elgin SC, Bangera G, Decatur SM, Dolan EL, Guertin L, Newstetter WC, San Juan EF, Smith MA, Weaver GC, Wessler SR, Brenner KA, Labov JB. 2016. Insights from a Convocation: Integrating Discovery-Based Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum. CBE Life Sci Educ 15(2): pii: fe2. PubMed citation & open access fulltext.

34. Fisher JB, Sweeney S, Brzostek ER, Evans TP, Johnson DJ, Myers JA, Bourg NA, Wolf AT, Howe RW, Phillips RP. 2016. Tree-mycorrhizal associations detected remotely from canopy spectral properties. Glob Chang Biol 22(7):2596-607. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

35. Fois M, Cuena-Lombraña A, Fristoe T, Fenu G, Bacchetta G. 2016. Reconsidering alternative transportation systems to reach academic conferences and to convey an example to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hist Philos Life Sci 38(4):25. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

36. Galbraith DA, Kocher SD, Glenn T, Albert I, Hunt GJ, Strassmann JE, Queller DC, Grozinger CM. 2016. Testing the kinship theory of intragenomic conflict in honey bees (Apis mellifera). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113(4):1020-5. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers | In the news: Conflict among honey bee genes supports theory of altruism.

37. Gemperline DC, Scalf M, Smith LM, Vierstra RD. 2016. Morpheus spectral counter: a computational tool for label-free quantitative mass spectrometry using the morpheus search engine. Proteomics 16(6):920-4. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

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39. Goodenough U. 2016. Are You a Religious Naturalist Without Knowing It? Religious Humanism 46(2):63-67. Not available online at posting but probably will be available in eventually, freely available with registration.

40. Greco JA, LaFountain AM, Kinashi N, Shinada T, Sakaguchi K, Katsumura S, Magdaong NC, Niedzwiedzki DM, Birge RR, Frank HA. 2016. Spectroscopic Investigation of the Carotenoid Deoxyperidinin: Direct Observation of the Forbidden S0 → S1 Transition. J Phys Chem B 120(10):2731-44. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.

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46. Hermanstyne TO, Granados-Fuentes D, Herzog ED, Nerbonne JM. 2016. Kv12-Encoded Channels Selectively Regulate Nighttime Firing Rates in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus. J Gen Physiol 148(2):16A. Freely available fulltext abstract - scroll to meeting abstract #34.

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55. Jez JM. 2016. The Truth Behind University-Industry Collaborations. part of Lost In Translation: Is Science Explained Fairly in the Media, Oct. 31, 2016.

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Giuliano S, Gladson CL, Glavic A, Gleave M, Godefroy N, Gogal RM Jr, Gokulan K, Goldman GH, Goletti D, Goligorsky MS, Gomes AV, Gomes LC, Gomez H, Gomez-Manzano C, Gómez-Sánchez R, Gonçalves DA, Goncu E, Gong Q, Gongora C, Gonzalez CB, Gonzalez-Alegre P, Gonzalez-Cabo P, González-Polo RA, Goping IS, Gorbea C, Gorbunov NV, Goring DR, Gorman AM, Gorski SM, Goruppi S, Goto-Yamada S, Gotor C, Gottlieb RA, Gozes I, Gozuacik D, Graba Y, Graef M, Granato GE, Grant GD, Grant S, Gravina GL, Green DR, Greenhough A, Greenwood MT, Grimaldi B, Gros F, Grose C, Groulx JF, Gruber F, Grumati P, Grune T, Guan JL, Guan KL, Guerra B, Guillen C, Gulshan K, Gunst J, Guo C, Guo L, Guo M, Guo W, Guo XG, Gust AA, Gustafsson ÅB, Gutierrez E, Gutierrez MG, Gwak HS, Haas A, Haber JE, Hadano S, Hagedorn M, Hahn DR, Halayko AJ, Hamacher-Brady A, Hamada K, Hamai A, Hamann A, Hamasaki M, Hamer I, Hamid Q, Hammond EM, Han F, Han W, Handa JT, Hanover JA, Hansen M, Harada M, Harhaji-Trajkovic L, Harper JW, Harrath AH, 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MacKeigan JP, Macleod KF, MacMicking JD, MacMillan-Crow LA, Madeo F, Madesh M, Madrigal-Matute J, Maeda A, Maeda T, Maegawa G, Maellaro E, Maes H, Magariños M, Maiese K, Maiti TK, Maiuri L, Maiuri MC, Maki CG, Malli R, Malorni W, Maloyan A, Mami-Chouaib F, Man N, Mancias JD, Mandelkow EM, Mandell MA, Manfredi AA, Manié SN, Manzoni C, Mao K, Mao Z, Mao ZW, Marambaud P, Marconi AM, Marelja Z, Marfe G, Margeta M, Margittai E, Mari M, Mariani FV, Marin C, Marinelli S, Mariño G, Markovic I, Marquez R, Martelli AM, Martens S, Martin KR, Martin SJ, Martin S, Martin-Acebes MA, Martín-Sanz P, Martinand-Mari C, Martinet W, Martinez J, Martinez-Lopez N, Martinez-Outschoorn U, Martínez-Velázquez M, Martinez-Vicente M, Martins WK, Mashima H, Mastrianni JA, Matarese G, Matarrese P, Mateo R, Matoba S, Matsumoto N, Matsushita T, Matsuura A, Matsuzawa T, Mattson MP, Matus S, Maugeri N, Mauvezin C, Mayer A, Maysinger D, Mazzolini GD, McBrayer MK, McCall K, McCormick C, McInerney GM, McIver SC, McKenna S, McMahon JJ, McNeish IA, Mechta-Grigoriou F, Medema JP, Medina DL, Megyeri K, Mehrpour M, Mehta JL, Mei Y, Meier UC, Meijer AJ, Meléndez A, Melino G, Melino S, de Melo EJ, Mena MA, Meneghini MD, Menendez JA, Menezes R, Meng L, Meng LH, Meng S, Menghini R, Menko AS, Menna-Barreto RF, Menon MB, Meraz-Ríos MA, Merla G, Merlini L, Merlot AM, Meryk A, Meschini S, Meyer JN, Mi MT, Miao CY, Micale L, Michaeli S, Michiels C, Migliaccio AR, Mihailidou AS, Mijaljica D, Mikoshiba K, Milan E, Miller-Fleming L, Mills GB, Mills IG, Minakaki G, Minassian BA, Ming XF, Minibayeva F, Minina EA, Mintern JD, Minucci S, Miranda-Vizuete A, Mitchell CH, Miyamoto S, Miyazawa K, Mizushima N, Mnich K, Mograbi B, Mohseni S, Moita LF, Molinari M, Molinari M, Møller AB, Mollereau B, Mollinedo F, Mongillo M, Monick MM, Montagnaro S, Montell C, Moore DJ, Moore MN, Mora-Rodriguez R, Moreira PI, Morel E, Morelli MB, Moreno S, Morgan MJ, Moris A, Moriyasu Y, Morrison JL, Morrison LA, Morselli E, Moscat J, Moseley PL, Mostowy S, Motori E, Mottet D, Mottram JC, Moussa CE, Mpakou VE, Mukhtar H, Mulcahy Levy JM, Muller S, Muñoz-Moreno R, Muñoz-Pinedo C, Münz C, Murphy ME, Murray JT, Murthy A, Mysorekar IU, Nabi IR, Nabissi M, Nader GA, Nagahara Y, Nagai Y, Nagata K, Nagelkerke A, Nagy P, Naidu SR, Nair S, Nakano H, Nakatogawa H, Nanjundan M, Napolitano G, Naqvi NI, Nardacci R, Narendra DP, Narita M, Nascimbeni AC, Natarajan R, Navegantes LC, Nawrocki ST, Nazarko TY, Nazarko VY, Neill T, Neri LM, Netea MG, Netea-Maier RT, Neves BM, Ney PA, Nezis IP, Nguyen HT, Nguyen HP, Nicot AS, Nilsen H, Nilsson P, Nishimura M, Nishino I, Niso-Santano M, Niu H, Nixon RA, Njar VC, Noda T, Noegel AA, Nolte EM, Norberg E, Norga KK, Noureini SK, Notomi S, Notterpek L, Nowikovsky K, Nukina N, Nürnberger T, O'Donnell VB, O'Donovan T, O'Dwyer PJ, Oehme I, Oeste CL, Ogawa M, Ogretmen B, Ogura Y, Oh YJ, Ohmuraya M, Ohshima T, Ojha R, Okamoto K, Okazaki T, Oliver FJ, Ollinger K, Olsson S, Orban DP, Ordonez P, Orhon I, Orosz L, O'Rourke EJ, Orozco H, Ortega AL, Ortona E, Osellame LD, Oshima J, Oshima S, Osiewacz HD, Otomo T, Otsu K, Ou JJ, Outeiro TF, Ouyang DY, Ouyang H, Overholtzer M, Ozbun MA, Ozdinler PH, Ozpolat B, Pacelli C, Paganetti P, Page G, Pages G, Pagnini U, Pajak B, Pak SC, Pakos-Zebrucka K, Pakpour N, Palková Z, Palladino F, Pallauf K, Pallet N, Palmieri M, Paludan SR, Palumbo C, Palumbo S, Pampliega O, Pan H, Pan W, Panaretakis T, Pandey A, Pantazopoulou A, Papackova Z, Papademetrio DL, Papassideri I, Papini A, Parajuli N, Pardo J, Parekh VV, Parenti G, Park JI, Park J, Park OK, Parker R, Parlato R, Parys JB, Parzych KR, Pasquet JM, Pasquier B, Pasumarthi KB, Patschan D, Patterson C, Pattingre S, Pattison S, Pause A, Pavenstädt H, Pavone F, Pedrozo Z, Peña FJ, Peñalva MA, Pende M, Peng J, Penna F, Penninger JM, Pensalfini A, Pepe S, Pereira GJ, Pereira PC, Pérez-de la Cruz V, Pérez-Pérez ME, Pérez-Rodríguez D, Pérez-Sala D, Perier C, Perl A, Perlmutter DH, Perrotta I, Pervaiz S, Pesonen M, Pessin JE, Peters GJ, Petersen M, Petrache I, Petrof BJ, Petrovski G, Phang JM, Piacentini M, Pierdominici M, Pierre P, Pierrefite-Carle V, Pietrocola F, Pimentel-Muiños FX, Pinar M, Pineda B, Pinkas-Kramarski R, Pinti M, Pinton P, Piperdi B, Piret JM, Platanias LC, Platta HW, Plowey ED, Pöggeler S, Poirot M, Polcic P, Poletti A, Poon AH, Popelka H, Popova B, Poprawa I, Poulose SM, Poulton J, Powers SK, Powers T, Pozuelo-Rubio M, Prak K, Prange R, Prescott M, Priault M, Prince S, Proia RL, Proikas-Cezanne T, Prokisch H, Promponas VJ, Przyklenk K, Puertollano R, Pugazhenthi S, Puglielli L, Pujol A, Puyal J, Pyeon D, Qi X, Qian WB, Qin ZH, Qiu Y, Qu Z, Quadrilatero J, Quinn F, Raben N, Rabinowich H, Radogna F, Ragusa MJ, Rahmani M, Raina K, Ramanadham S, Ramesh R, Rami A, Randall-Demllo S, Randow F, Rao H, Rao VA, Rasmussen BB, Rasse TM, Ratovitski EA, Rautou PE, Ray SK, Razani B, Reed BH, Reggiori F, Rehm M, Reichert AS, Rein T, Reiner DJ, Reits E, Ren J, Ren X, Renna M, Reusch JE, Revuelta JL, Reyes L, Rezaie AR, Richards RI, Richardson DR, Richetta C, Riehle MA, Rihn BH, Rikihisa Y, Riley BE, Rimbach G, Rippo MR, Ritis K, Rizzi F, Rizzo E, Roach PJ, Robbins J, Roberge M, Roca G, Roccheri MC, Rocha S, Rodrigues CM, Rodríguez CI, de Cordoba SR, Rodriguez-Muela N, Roelofs J, Rogov VV, Rohn TT, Rohrer B, Romanelli D, Romani L, Romano PS, Roncero MI, Rosa JL, Rosello A, Rosen KV, Rosenstiel P, Rost-Roszkowska M, Roth KA, Roué G, Rouis M, Rouschop KM, Ruan DT, Ruano D, Rubinsztein DC, Rucker EB 3rd, Rudich A, Rudolf E, Rudolf R, Ruegg MA, Ruiz-Roldan C, Ruparelia AA, Rusmini P, Russ DW, Russo GL, Russo G, Russo R, Rusten TE, Ryabovol V, Ryan KM, Ryter SW, Sabatini DM, Sacher M, Sachse C, Sack MN, Sadoshima J, Saftig P, Sagi-Eisenberg R, Sahni S, Saikumar P, Saito T, Saitoh T, Sakakura K, Sakoh-Nakatogawa M, Sakuraba Y, Salazar-Roa M, Salomoni P, Saluja AK, Salvaterra PM, Salvioli R, Samali A, Sanchez AM, Sánchez-Alcázar JA, Sanchez-Prieto R, Sandri M, Sanjuan MA, Santaguida S, Santambrogio L, Santoni G, Dos Santos CN, Saran S, Sardiello M, Sargent G, Sarkar P, Sarkar S, Sarrias MR, Sarwal MM, Sasakawa C, Sasaki M, Sass M, Sato K, Sato M, Satriano J, Savaraj N, Saveljeva S, Schaefer L, Schaible UE, Scharl M, Schatzl HM, Schekman R, Scheper W, Schiavi A, Schipper HM, Schmeisser H, Schmidt J, Schmitz I, Schneider BE, Schneider EM, Schneider JL, Schon EA, Schönenberger MJ, Schönthal AH, Schorderet DF, Schröder B, Schuck S, Schulze RJ, Schwarten M, Schwarz TL, Sciarretta S, Scotto K, Scovassi AI, Screaton RA, Screen M, Seca H, Sedej S, Segatori L, Segev N, Seglen PO, Seguí-Simarro JM, Segura-Aguilar J, Seki E, Sell C, Selliez I, Semenkovich CF, Semenza GL, Sen U, Serra AL, Serrano-Puebla A, Sesaki H, Setoguchi T, Settembre C, Shacka JJ, Shajahan-Haq AN, Shapiro IM, Sharma S, She H, Shen CJ, Shen CC, Shen HM, Shen S, Shen W, Sheng R, Sheng X, Sheng ZH, Shepherd TG, Shi J, Shi Q, Shi Q, Shi Y, Shibutani S, Shibuya K, Shidoji Y, Shieh JJ, Shih CM, Shimada Y, Shimizu S, Shin DW, Shinohara ML, Shintani M, Shintani T, Shioi T, Shirabe K, Shiri-Sverdlov R, Shirihai O, Shore GC, Shu CW, Shukla D, Sibirny AA, Sica V, Sigurdson CJ, Sigurdsson EM, Sijwali PS, Sikorska B, Silveira WA, Silvente-Poirot S, Silverman GA, Simak J, Simmet T, Simon AK, Simon HU, Simone C, Simons M, Simonsen A, Singh R, Singh SV, Singh SK, Sinha D, Sinha S, Sinicrope FA, Sirko A, Sirohi K, Sishi BJ, Sittler A, Siu PM, Sivridis E, Skwarska A, Slack R, Slaninová I, Slavov N, Smaili SS, Smalley KS, Smith DR, Soenen SJ, Soleimanpour SA, Solhaug A, Somasundaram K, Son JH, Sonawane A, Song C, Song F, Song HK, Song JX, Song W, Soo KY, Sood AK, Soong TW, Soontornniyomkij V, Sorice M, Sotgia F, Soto-Pantoja DR, Sotthibundhu A, Sousa MJ, Spaink HP, Span PN, Spang A, Sparks JD, Speck PG, Spector SA, Spies CD, Springer W, Clair DS, Stacchiotti A, Staels B, Stang MT, Starczynowski DT, Starokadomskyy P, Steegborn C, Steele JW, Stefanis L, Steffan J, Stellrecht CM, Stenmark H, Stepkowski TM, Stern ST, Stevens C, Stockwell BR, Stoka V, Storchova Z, Stork B, Stratoulias V, Stravopodis DJ, Strnad P, Strohecker AM, Ström AL, Stromhaug P, Stulik J, Su YX, Su Z, Subauste CS, Subramaniam S, Sue CM, Suh SW, Sui X, Sukseree S, Sulzer D, Sun FL, Sun J, Sun J, Sun SY, Sun Y, Sun Y, Sun Y, Sundaramoorthy V, Sung J, Suzuki H, Suzuki K, Suzuki N, Suzuki T, Suzuki YJ, Swanson MS, Swanton C, Swärd K, Swarup G, Sweeney ST, Sylvester PW, Szatmari Z, Szegezdi E, Szlosarek PW, Taegtmeyer H, Tafani M, Taillebourg E, Tait SW, Takacs-Vellai K, Takahashi Y, Takáts S, Takemura G, Takigawa N, Talbot NJ, Tamagno E, Tamburini J, Tan CP, Tan L, Tan ML, Tan M, Tan YJ, Tanaka K, Tanaka M, Tang D, Tang D, Tang G, Tanida I, Tanji K, Tannous BA, Tapia JA, Tasset-Cuevas I, Tatar M, Tavassoly I, Tavernarakis N, Taylor A, Taylor GS, Taylor GA, Taylor JP, Taylor MJ, Tchetina EV, Tee AR, Teixeira-Clerc F, Telang S, Tencomnao T, Teng BB, Teng RJ, Terro F, Tettamanti G, Theiss AL, Theron AE, Thomas 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