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EU Depository

EU Depository Library logo Washington University in St. Louis is a European Union Depository Library

The Olin Library at Washington University in St. Louis is a depository for the official publications of the European Union and maintains a collection of documents and supporting materials. The EU has been depositing publications here since the 1960s.

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Research Guide for European Studies

Law School Library: European Union Research maintained by WU School of Law Library.

Washington University Program in European Studies

Useful Internet Links:

Europa: Server for the European Union
The Library is a depository for many publications from the EU. Consult the Library catalog for specific titles.

'Since 1 October 2004, Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, has made all its data and publications available free of charge on the Internet. This important change enables Eurostat to fully play its role as a public service institution, by giving free access to economic and social information on the euro-zone, the EU and the 25 Member States. More than 300 million data, from many different domains, are now available online, varying from consumer prices, through poverty or environmental indicators, to detailed external trade data by product.'

Archive of European Integration (AEI)
The AEI, situated at the University of Pittsburgh, currently includes over 500 full text working, discussion or policy papers, small monographs, electronic journal articles, freely available to anyone. The AEI has more titles waiting processing and remains an open platform for scholarly contributions.

European Union Glossary
'The glossary contains some 250 terms relating to European integration and the institutions and activities of the EU.' Olin Library Reference also has a print edition of Eurojargon : a dictionary of European Union acronyms, abbreviations and sobriquets at KJE 926.5 R35.

European Union in the U.S.
Produced by Delegation of the European Commission to the United States.

European Union Internet Resources
Produced by the University of California, Berkeley.