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Government Information Research Guide

U.S. Depository Library

 Washington University in St. Louis is a Federal Depository Library since 1906 and a 2012 Recipient of the GPO Depository Library of the Year Award.



Missouri Regional Information

The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) is a network of libraries which receive federal documents from the Government Printing Office (GPO)on a regular, ongoing bases.  University of Missouri-Columbia serves as the Regional Library in this program for the State of Missouri, with responsibility for the documents distributed by GPO throughout the State. 

UM-Columbia has established a number of intrastate agreements whereby other depository libraries in the State have taken regional-level responsibility for some portion of the collection, usually by a particular Superintendent  of Documents (SuDocs) Classification Number.  In the case of Olin Libraries at Washington University in St. Louis, we have agreed to maintain a collection of documents from a number of agencies, all having to do with either the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's into the 1970's, or with the U.S. Postal Service.  Those libraries which have agreed to participate have also agreed to catalog the documents in their care, and to make them available through Interlibrary Loan.

Additionally, Olin Library has agreed to serve as a Sub-Regional for the depositories in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  In general, this means that Olin Library will receive notification of another St. Louis metro depository's intent to remove documents from their shelves first (as opposed to UM-C) and will distribute that list to the other St. Louis metro depositories, befor the list goes to UM-C for wider distribution. 

SuDoc Stems in WashU's "Civil Rights Suite"

  • CR             United States Commission on Civil Rights
  • ED 1.2:       Education Office of Civil Rights
  • FHL            Federal Home Loan Bank
  • GA 1.29:     Advisory Council on Civil Rights
  • GA 1.30:     Women's Advisory Council
  • HH             Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • J                Department of Justice
  • PR 34         Dwight D. Eisenhower Administration
  • PR 35         John F. Kennedy Administration
  • PR 36         Lyndon B. Johnson Administration
  • PR 37         Richard M. Nixon Administration
  • Y3 Ed 8/7    Nat'l Advisory Council on Equality of Educational Opportunity
  • Y3 Eq 2       Congressional Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
  • Y3 In 8/21   Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women
  • Y3 P96/9      Nat'l Comm. on Severely Distressed Public Housing
  • Y3 R 11       Interagency Racial Data Committee
  • Y3 Sp 2/7    Cabinet Comm. -- Opportunity for Spanish-Speaking Peoples
  • Y4 Eq 2        Select Committee on Equal Education Opportunities
  • Y4 H 81/4    Joint Committee on Housing
  • Y4 J89         House & Senate Committees on the Judiciary
  • Y4 W84        Select Committee on Women's Sufferage


SuDoc Stems for WashU's "Postal Service Suite"

  • P                  United States Postal Service
  • Y3 P74          Joint Comm. on... Pneumatic Tubes
  • Y3 P74/2       Joint Comm. ... Pneumatic Mail Services
  • Y3 P84/1-/5   Postal Commission
  • Y4 Ex 7/6      Comm. Expenditures...Post Office
  • Y4 F31          Post Roads
  • Y4 M28         Congressional Mailing Standards Comm.
  • Y4 P21          Joint Comm. ...Parcel Post
  • Y4 P84/1-/11 Post Office