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GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

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GISPUBLIC refers to a shared network drive that can be accessed when you are logged into the WU network either directly or via a VPN connection.  This drive contains GIS data that have been shared with the Data and GIS Services (DGS) group over the years.  This collection includes resources that can be used for mapping projects, spatial analysis, and other projects.  All of these datasets have been obtained from outside agencies or groups and DGS is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur. 

If you encounter problems accessing these data, please contact Bill Winston for assistance.  If you have questions regarding data format, content, or provenance, consult any metadata that may be available either in the dataset's home folder, in a listing on this Lib-Guide or via the "Item Description" which can be accessed in ArcGIS.

This collection is by no means exhaustive and there are many other sources for GIS data available.  Consult our "GIS Data" LibGuide for more information.

GISPUBLIC Data Listing


This folder contains the latest set of GIS data that is distributed by ESRI with their ArcGIS application.  Many common features of interest are available including:

  • US
    • State, County, and Zip Code polygons
    • Census geometries including tracts, block gourps and block polygons.  These features contain some demographic data.
    • Road, river, and rail line features
    • City, landmark, and transportation point features.

  • Global datasets of
    • Continental, country, and adminstrative boundaries
    • Lakes, rives, and other drainage features
    • Geographic, UTM, and timezone reference lines


The St. Louis County Planning office makes their GIS data collection available and we have been obtaining and archiving these data since 1997.  Inside the StLouisCountyPlanning folder you will find annual datasets cataloged by the year of release.  Most of the features are in shapefile format but there are also some geodatabase feature classes.  Each annual collection includes subfolders containing shapefiles representing features in St. Louis county including:

  • Boundary
    • Census (Tracts, Block Groups, and Blocks - these features contain some demographic data)
    • Politcal (Council districts, municipal wards, MO Senate and House districts; US Congress distriucts, and voting precincts)
    • Service (i.e. Airport zones; fire, school and police districts; zip codes, and zoning)
  • Hydro
    • Lakes, rivers, and FEMA flood zones
  • Infrastructure
    • Airports and runways, fireestations, schools, and landmarks
  • Landbase
    • Soil survey, karst boundaries
  • Parcelbase
    • Property parcel boundaries and a table detailing some of the Use Codes that describe these features
  • Reference
    • USGS quadrangles, flood insurance rate map panels
  • Transport
    • Streetcenterlines, Metrolink tracks and stops, Park and Ride lots

Some of the data cover St. Louis county and St. Loiuis city (i.e. streetcenterlines).  There are also some unique datasets of interest including

2007\parcelbase\BuildingFootprints.gdb\BuildingFootprints - polygon features representing building shapes


Public_ROW - outlines of the street edges
Sidewalks - line features showing sidwalk edges
Structures - polygons of building outlines