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Classics 240 Not Members of this Club

A guide to library resources for Classics 240 Not Members of this Club : Women and Slaves in the Greco-Roman World

Classics Links

Epigraphy and Papyrology

Ancient writings on stone and papyrus are an important source for our knowledge of the classical world. Texts of this sort are, unfortunately, often not translated--though you will find translations of significant texts in sourcebooks.

Primary Sources

Finding Primary Sources

Two places to start are

  1. Sourcebooks Collections of primary sources in translation, usually with commentary and bibliography.
  2. Secondary Sources Ancient historical scholarship includes references to the original sources. You can use these references to track down and investigate the primary sources for yourself. Help with Abbreviations and Citations of classical works.


A range of sourcebooks for different aspects of ancient history are available at the Olin Library covering specific historical periods and topics. To find more use the advanced catalog search and add the keyword "sources" to your search terms.

A Selection of Source Books