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Classics 240 Not Members of this Club

A guide to library resources for Classics 240 Not Members of this Club : Women and Slaves in the Greco-Roman World

Starting Points for Research


Call Numbers

Editions of works in the original languages are, as a rule, classified under call number PA, with occasional exceptions. Translations of classical literary works (e.g. poetry, drama) are usually classified under PA; however, translations into English of "nonliterary' works, such as history, philosophy, and geography are usually classified according to their subject matter. Classifications of commentaries and secondary literature on such works is less consistent.

For more information see the Classics Call Numbers page in the Classics Research Guide

Finding Works by Classical Authors

To find translations of works by Greek and Roman writers use the advanced search feature of the catalog. Enter the author's name in the search box and select the Author field. Usually, this will be the common anglicized form of the name: e.g Cicero, Livy, Aeschylus etc. Select English (or another modern language you can read) in the Language Limit box below and hit submit.

For help deciphering references to ancient works and authors see the Citation and Abbreviation Page.

To find works on ancient authors, search their names as a subject heading. Commentaries on classical texts, even when they do not include a translation, can also be very helpful sources of information.