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Environmental Studies

This guide points to selected resources in the area of Environmental Studies. Information about Washington University and its libraries is also found here.

Selected Printed Reference Sources

General Reference Resources

Environmental Careers: A Practical Guide to Opportunities in the 90s (Warner, 1992) TD170 W37 1992
The New Complete Guide to Environmental Careers (Cook, et. al, 1993) (Olin) GE60 N48 1993
Opportunities in Environmental Careers (Fanning, 1971) (Olin) TD156 F35
The Directory of National Environmental Organizations (U.S. Environmental Directories, 1996, ed. 5) (Olin) QH76 D57 1996


Elsevier's Dictionary of Environment in English, French, Spanish and Arabic (Bakre, 1998, 1st ed.) Ref. GE10 E36 1998
The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Environmental Change (Matthews, and Bridges, 2001) Ref. GE10 E47 2001
The Facts on File Dictionary of Environmental Science (Wyman, and Stevenson, 2001, new ed.) Ref. TD9 S74 2001
Longman Dictionary of Environmental Science (Lawrence, et. al, 1998) Ref. GE10 L38 1998
Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary (Gregorich, 2001) Ref. S592 S59 2001



Encyclopedia of Global Change: Environmental Change and Human Society (Goudie, 2002)

Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (Callicott and Frodeman, Vol. 1-2, 2009)

Education for the Earth: A Guide to Top Environmental Studies Programs (Peterson's Guides, 1993)

Ref. GE149 E47 2002

GE42 .E533 2009 

(Olin) GE80 E33 1993