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History of the Jews in Islamic Lands

Survey of Jewish communities in the Islamic world - their social, cultural & intellectual life from the 7th - 19th centuries .

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Jewish Women a Comprehensive Encyclopedia

Turkey: Ottoman and Post Ottoman 

The Women’s Domain

 One of the central features in the lives of Jewish, Christian and Muslim women was the separation between men and women. This separation had an impact on numerous aspects of everyday life, among them the division of labor between the genders, the restriction of women to the home, and the exterior architecture and interior design of the living space. The consignment of the Jewish woman to the home derives not only from the Jewish tradition which holds that “all the honor of the king’s daughter is within” (Psalms 45:14), but also from the dual influence of Muslim society and Sephardic custom... by Gila Hadar

1492 Expulsion

 Welcoming of Sephardim Jews to Turkey in 1492 by Sultan Beyazit II. A painting by Mevlut Akyildiz

Edict of Expulsion  of the Jews from Spain 1492 digital image of one page of it.