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GIS for Architecture

What we provide on campus

GIS Data Collections:

​GISPUBLIC is a diverse collection of GIS data provided as a convenience for the WU community.


​MISI_ZIIBI contains a wide ranging collection of GIS data covering the St. Louis region.  This collection was compiled for the Misi-Ziibi: Living with the Great Rivers workshop held by the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts


Method 1: Connection through ArcGIS
This is the best method when you want to add spatial data into an ArcGIS mapping project.

Method 2: Temporary Link
This method will open the folder and create a temporary link. This works well if you need to just copy a small amount of data and don't need to maintain the connection or access the data directly in ArcMap.  Caution, you must transfer files carefully to ensure usability.

In the Windows operating system open your start menu and click on "Run" . Type the address above into the space provided and hit enter.

Method 3: Mapping the Drive, Persistent connection that reappears on reboot
In the Windows operating system, in My Computer, click on the tools menu and map a network drive. Windows should automatically assign an available drive letter and in the lower field enter the drive location above. You will be prompted to log in using your library login credentials as above. If you want the connect to persist between logins click the appropriate check box.

Update (9/1/16)
The most current St. Louis city and county data can be obtained from online data portals.  If you are looking for the latest parcel or other datasets, you can find them at the following links:
     St. Louis City -
     St. Louis county -

Path for some local layers of interest on gispublic:

            All of the data resources listed below were acquired from outside sources and are shared for convenience and educational purposes only.  None of these data should be considered legal representations of boundary or physical locations and they may contain errors or omissions. View any layer's metadata by right clicking on the layer in the ArcMap Catalog Tab or in the ArcCatalog application then select "Item Description" from the drop down menu.  

Find Parcel data            
Parcel Thumbnail

For St. Louis City

Navigate to folder: GISdata\Missouri\CityOfStLouis\StLouisCITYparcels

   This folder contains multiple versions of the St. Louis city parcel boundaries in dated sub folders.  Each version may contain different sets of attribute data.  The most appropriate version for use in Architecture Studio projects is in:

Contains some useful attributes such as:

LANDUSE1     A coded value field defining the assessor's land use code for each parcel

Descr     A text field describing the land use associated with each land use code

VACANTLAND  A field with values "Y" or "N" indicating whether the land was vacant or not


For St. Louis County

Navigate to folder: GISdata\Missouri\StLouisCountyPlanning\2012\parcelbase

   This folder contains the parcel boundaries (Pardata.shp) and a spreadsheet defining the specific land use codes in the LUC attribute column.  The shapefile also contains an LUCODE attribute listing the general land use (i.e. Common Ground, Commercial, Single Family, etc...) for most parcels.


Find Land Use

For the St. Louis region

Navigate to folder: GISdata\EW_Gateway\GIS_Data_2013
   This folder contains many GIS layers describing features in the 8 county region around St. Louis.  Land use can be found in:

This shapefile includes most parcel boundaries but individual properties have been grouped into common land use categories and some interior boundaries have been dissolved.  The data contains a "LAND_USE" attribute with these possible values:


Polygon features showing open space areas in the EW Gateway 8 county service area.  Features include parks, natural eares, historic sites, etc.  


Find Elevation Data

For St. Louis City and County

Navigate to geodatabase: Instruction\SamFox\STL_Data.gdb

Elevation Contours (4 foot intervals) for St. Louis City (1 feature per contour interval)

Elevation Contours (4 foot intervals) for St. Louis City (multiple features per contour interval)

Elevation Contours (4 foot intervals) for St. Louis City and county (1 feature per contour interval)


Find Building Footprints

Navigate to geodatabase: Instruction\SamFox\STL_Data.gdb

Footprints for buildings (circa 2006) inside the St., Louis City boundary 


Navigate to geodatabase:
         StLouisCountyPlanning\2007\parcelbase\BuildingFootprints.gdbBuilding Footprints

Footprints for buildings in both St. Louis city and county (circa 2006)


Find Transportation

For St. Louis city and county 

MetroLink System (GISdata\Missouri\metro_stl folder)

Line features for Metrolink train lines


Park and Ride Lots


Bus lines as of March 2012

Bus stops as of March 2012

Roads, Sidewalks, and Right of Way (GISdata\Missouri\StLouisCountyPlanning folder)

Line features showing the center of the right of way for St. Louis city and county roads.  No width or boundary information is included.


Right of Way: linear features showing the edge of ROW.

Linear features showing the edge of sidewalks.  Some features appear to be polygons but they are not closed areas.


Biking and walking trails located in the St. Louis region


Find Hydrology Data

Hydrology Thumbnail

For St. Louis Region (GISdata\EW_Gateway\GIS_Data_2013\...)

Rivers, Streams, and Levees

Linear features representing rivers, streams. Small rivers are shonw as a single line and large features are shown with both lines for each edge.

Polygon features showing river area.

Polygons showing the areas enclosed behnd levees.

Lines showing the location of levee structures.


Floodplain Boundaries

For example...jefferson_flood.shp
Line features representing regulatory floodplain boundaries.  See Item Description for "ZONE" attribute definitions.  There are shapefiles for each county in the EW Gateway service area:

Illinois: Madison, Monroe, St. Clair
Missouri: Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Louis (city and county)

Maximum water coverage during the 1993 flood.


Watershed Boundaries

Watershed polygons.


Regional Maps and Data

GIS data and maps for other US cities