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Japan Since 1868

How to find full-text articles ?

Did not get access to full-text articles through the index/databases? Wash U may have the journal in print or electronic. 

1. Find out the article information (journal/magazine title, year of publication, volume, article title, page, etc) using the index/databases.

2. Look up the journal/magazine title (use the search boxes bellow).

Search for print journals:


Search for Electronic Journals:


3. If you find the journal at Wash U, congrats!! If not, don't worry! you can request it through ArticleReach Direct (sometimes Google Scholar offers free access to full-text articles too)

Articles in ENGLISH

1. Choose a database sets from the pull-down box
2. Type in your search word
3. Click "Go"

Articles in JAPANESE

Off Campus Access

While some of the resources in this guide are freely available, most research databases and electronic journals and many online library services have access restrictions that require that you be a current Washington University student, faculty member, or staff member. See this page for help.